USA Quick Guide to Diamond Club Monthly Requirements

To continue in Diamond Club each month, participants must meet the following requirements:

  1. Eighteen enrollments per month; exception: 10 enrollments in the first month of Diamond Club (70% of month total enrollments must come from within your organization)
  2. Three out-of-area trips and three local events per month
  3. Submit all Event attendee lists within 24 hours of each event

To qualify for reimbursement each month:

  1. Keep all flight and gas receipts from your away areas to go along with your out-of-area trips. Gas receipts must come from the immediate area you held your event as evidence you traveled to the area and are needed to reimburse you for your mileage at $0.18 per mile
  2. Travel to areas where you have at least one team member process a 100 PV LRP order the month you travel there. Your team member must live within the immediate area the event is held
  3. Submit a maximum of six out-of-area trips per month
  4. Submit reimbursement information and documents by the deadline; typically, reimbursements are due two days after the month ends. (See the Reimbursement Schedule for dates).

For enrollments to qualify for incentives and points:

  1. New enrollees must meet face-to-face with the Diamond Club Member before they can enroll with the Diamond Club promo code
  2. Diamond Club participants must participate and be present for the full event
  3. All enrollments must be entered by you or your spouse/co-applicant through the Diamond Club Portal. Enrollments not entered with the Diamond Club promo code will not be eligible for the free product and will not be counted towards your enrollments
  4. Enrollments must be entered within three business days of the event. This starts the first business day after the event. If an event is held on the weekend, the first business day starts on Monday. If an event is held on the last day of the month, the three business days would fall into the following month and the promotional products offered will be for the most current month

*Anyone found not adhering to the rules and requirements could face consequences to include removal from Standings, Prizes, and removal from the program.