The Diamond Club is an opportunity for dōTERRA Wellness Advocates to ignite their business by generating new business and momentum through events. The purpose of Diamond Club is to help Wellness Advocates reach Diamond by establishing new leaders and sales teams outside their local area while continuing to support and build their existing home team.

We recognize that many Wellness Advocates have a desire to build their dōTERRA business, but do not have the necessary resources to hold events and provide support in areas away from their local area. Diamond Club offers a travel reimbursement program and special enrollment incentives to provide the resources necessary to develop new leadership teams outside their local influence.

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Diamond Club Testimonials

We were told it couldn’t be done. Not the way we intended to do it. 100% above board, no exceptions. The thing about us is that words like: can’t, won’t, impossible, are all words that fan the flame. They motivate us to DO! And so we did. We did diamond club with many goals in mind. None of those goals would have been remotely possible without the support of an amazing team. We maximized our travel and went to as many places as possible, some several times knowing that we had the power to do what Spring did for us - to change the lives of people forever. We accomplished everything we set out to do during diamond club - and then some! We are so grateful!

Nate & Dana Moore | Diamond

Diamond Club was a game changer for me and my doTERRA business! It was such an incredible opportunity on many levels and was the catalyst that allowed me to be a full-time Wellness Advocate. The opportunity to travel to the areas where I had remote teams was such a gift. I stepped 100% in and decided I would make all the sacrifices necessary to give it my all. In fact, there were two months where I was only home 3 nights all month! I rank advanced to Gold and Platinum!! Diamond is on the near horizon for me too and it's all because of this incredible DC opportunity. I would highly encourage anyone who wants to take their business to the next level, to participate in this experience.

Megan Reeves | Platinum

Diamond club enabled me to share my passion of educating about EO's with many more people in less time. I was humbled to be able to be the vehicle that brings health and hope every day to people who were suffering and needed help. There were days that were hard and there were disappointments but what I tried to do is think about what I needed to learn or do differently and go on, no looking back. My advice to future diamond clubbers is plan for success, appreciate the journey and be grateful for the opportunity!

Cindy Landes | Diamond

Preparing, learning and thriving in diamond club was a dream come true. I traveled with my five month old, 100% nursed and took 12 plane rides. There were times of struggle which were plane delays, not enough samples, and exhaustion but my leaders continued to support me and HELP me. It was TEAM WORK and my passion for wellness and healing. I ranked from premier to gold in four months. What did I learn? Always have samples, give out two per day or more, share your experiences and plan ahead. I'm grateful to everyone on my team.

Monica Bravo | Platinum

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