USA Program Schedule

Each Wellness Advocate can participate in the Diamond Club program once a year. Members are not eligible to participate in back to back seasons. dōTERRA is about empowering families, so we don’t want you away from them too much. This program is to help kick up the momentum in your group, so you can keep it going the rest of the year.

Fall Season

  • Qualification Month - June
  • Application Due Date - July 7th
  • Preparation Month - July
  • Travel Months - August to November

Spring Season

  • Qualification Month - December
  • Application Due Date - January 7th
  • Preparation Month - January
  • Travel Months - February to May

Qualification Month: We want all Diamond Club participants to be set up for success. There are a few key benchmarks that we have found help us determine if someone has the team in place to be successful. We also want to make sure that each Diamond Club participant is comfortable enrolling people, since that is a significant requirement during the program.

Preparation Month: “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail,” Benjamin Franklin. In order to have successful events in Diamond Club you’ll need to be working with your leaders in your home and away area prior to the day of the event. Planning, inviting, and following up are the secrets to getting people at your events and being able to meet the enrollment requirements. Here are the activities you will need to complete in the prep month to be able to start traveling.

  • Prepare and plan your events month-by-month (set the dates of your trips and then work with your leaders to fill your schedule on those days).
  • Map out your travel plans and purchase your airline tickets.
  • Prepare your teams for scheduled events in their area.
  • Prepare your household – set up child care, get your family on board.
  • Watch DC training videos.
  • Review the information on the DC site, in order to understand the requirements that need to be met for a successful season.
  • Participate in the mandatory conference call (an email will be sent out with the information for this call).

If you have any questions about the Program Schedule, please contact the Diamond Club Management team.