Canada Events

Only events and enrollments (from those events) in which the Diamond Club member personally participates in the presentation will count toward the Diamond Club member’s required monthly events and enrollments (18), and for program enrollment incentives.

Out-of-Area Trips

An Out-of-Area Trip is defined as traveling to a location at least 80 kilometers from home where the Diamond Club Member personally participates in the presentation at an event. If you travel to an area and stay for an extended period of time, you may count this as more than one trip if you hold multiple events. Each month you need at least three out-of-area trips to stay qualified to continue. You can reach this requirement in many ways.

For example, if you travel to an out-of-area location and stay for seven days and hold at least three events, each being held on separate days, you can count this as all three of the required out-of-area trips needed for the month. You could also travel to an out-of-area location for four days and hold at least two events, each being held on separate days, and count this as two of your required trips. We encourage you to make the most of your travel time. Keep in mind this does not change your reimbursement eligibility and enrollment requirements.

In order to receive reimbursement, the Diamond Club member must have at least one team member in the immediate Out-of-Area location who has a 100 PV LRP order the month they travel there. Reimbursement is only received each time you actually travel to the location from your home or another away area (see multi-trips). All requirements for the Canada Diamond Club must be met within the Canada in order for Canada Diamond Club enrollements to be awarded. Any enrollments outside of the Canada will not be eligible for the Canadian Diamond Club incentives, points or enrollements.

Local Events

A local event is a class that is held within 80 kilometers of the participant’s home area in which the Diamond Club member personally participates at the event with their team. We want to make sure your home area isn’t feeling neglected. A recent enhancement in the Diamond Club program has given additional focus to continued support and building in your home area. This will help you create and maintain a solid foundation for your business. Each month you need to hold at least three local events to stay qualified to continue in Diamond Club.

Multi-trip Excursions

A Multi-trip Excursion consists of first holding an event in an area 80 kilometers away from home (trip 1) and then traveling an additional 80 kilometers from that location (trip 2) to hold another event without returning home. Multi-trip excursions count toward your Out-of-Area Trips individually.

Diamond Club members are not limited by an event maximum. We encourage you to hold several events on each trip to make the most of your time away from home. Just remember that all events must follow all Diamond Club Rules in order to be eligible for Diamond Club incentives and reimbursement.

Spouse or Co-Application Travel and Participation

Diamond Club members are encouraged to have their spouse or co-applicant on their Diamond Club account also travel as part of Diamond Club. Both may travel at the same time (or trade off weeks for travel) to different locations and both be eligible for reimbursement. All of the qualifications to be eligible to have the event count toward their out-of-area trips and reimbursements must still be individually met. The maximum number of trips eligible for reimbursement does not change and is still six per account per month. If the participant and their spouse or co-applicant travel to the same location to host a Diamond Club event, only one of partners is eligible for reimbursement.

Any local event hosted by a spouse or co-applicant while the Diamond Club participant is traveling to an out-of-area location will count towards Diamond Club. Diamond Club participants can travel and have their spouse or co-applicant stay home to host local events as well.

Corporate Held Events

Corporate held events will not be opened as a Diamond Club events to the entire audience. However we know you may want to attend these awesome events with some potential team members. If you bring your own personal guests/team members to a corporate event:

  • Can count the enrollment for Diamond Club, process the order through the portal and offer the Diamond Club incentive. You still need to make sure you pass the hug test and meet with your guests and your team personally before or after.
  • Any other new enrollments (other than your own personal guests that come with you and your team) that come from a corporate event cannot be counted towards your Diamond Club enrollments, nor can the Diamond Club incentives be offered.