USA Enrollments

Entering Enrollments

Qualified enrollments must be entered with the Diamond Club promo code (under the “Enroll” tab) in order to count toward the Diamond Club member’s monthly requirements.

Diamond Club Members get to choose how to use their unique Diamond Club promo code. Because the Diamond Club participant is responsible for every enrollment that uses their unique code, we recommend only giving it to your leaders to assist you in entering enrollments with a clear understanding of who qulifies for the Diamond Club incentive.

It is the Diamond Club member’s responsibility to ensure that all team members and event hosts understand that only qualified enrollments from Diamond Club events can use the Diamond Club promo code. Event attendee lists will be used to verify that all enrollments using the Diamond Club promo code are eligible. This helps you to later verify actual attendance at your event and that it was within three business days when hosts send you the enrollment forms.

Invalid enrollments will be removed from the Diamond Club member’s monthly total and the Diamond Club member will be charged for the promotional product from each voided enrollment. If it is determined that a Diamond Club member persuaded a potential Wellness Advocate to join dōTERRA with someone other than the person who referred them, the Diamond Club member will be removed from Diamond Club immediately and will lose the opportunity to finish their commitment and receive associated benefits, including reimbursement for the current month of participation.

We expect Diamond Club members to ensure that every individual who attends their meetings and wants to join dōTERRA is enrolled under the person who invited them to the meeting. If we see this abuse, the Diamond Club member may be immediately removed from the program. This holds true even when the WA who referred them is not at the event. Maintaining the integrity of the program is essential for its success.