USA Driving

Qualifications for Reimbursement Each Month

  1. Keep all gas receipts from each area you traveled to hold an event to go along with your trips. Gas receipts must come from the immediate area you held your event as evidence you traveled to the area. Receipts must include the proof of payment and be submitted in JPEG or PDF format.
  2. Travel to areas where you have at least one team member process 100 PV LRP order the month you travel there. Your team member must live within the immediate area the event is held.
  3. Take a maximum of 6 out-of-area trips per month
  4. Submit reimbursement information and documents by the deadline (see detailed rules and Reimbursement Schedule)

Quick Guide to Diamond Club Reimbursements

  1. Contact your Diamond Club Project Manager for any questions regarding your reimbursements before the reimbursement deadline or prior to travel.
  2. Each Diamond Club Member is personally responsible for the submission of their own reimbursements by the reimbursement due date each month.
  3. Submissions will be approved or denied depending on the correct entry and the validity of the submission.
  4. In order to be reimbursed for flying and driving, you must submit all or your receipts.
  5. Any international travel outside of the U.S. is not eligible for reimbursement.
  6. Food, lodging, room rental/meeting space and fuel will not be reimbursed in any situation.
  7. Reimbursements for Diamond Club are limited to the travel reimbursements listed below.
  8. In order for your reimbursements to get paid out on time, check for any notes that may have been left by the Diamond Club team on your submitted reimbursement requests in both the pending and approved request.

LRP Requirement for Travel Reimbursement

In order to be eligible for reimbursement to an out-of-area location, you must have a WA in the immediate out-of-area location that processes an LRP order of a minimum of 100PV or more within the month that you travel to this location. New Enrollees enrolled during the same month of travel do not meet this LRP requirement.


You can be reimbursed up to $150 per trip, paid at $0.18 per mile you drive to and from a location. You must drive at least 50 miles (one way) from your home to qualify. Remember that all fuel receipts from each area you traveled to hold an event, must be saved in order to be eligible for reimbursement for mileage.

  • Basic Trip Example: Drive from your home in Phoenix, AZ, to an event in Tucson, AZ, and back home (116 miles one way; 232 miles total). Then request a reimbursement for a 232-mile driving trip. Paid at $0.18 per mile, you will receive $41.76 (232 x $0.18 = $41.76).
  • reimbursement total in this example would be $450.00.

Rental Cars

You must receive pre-approval from your Diamond Club Project Manager prior to renting a car. Rental Car reimbursements are only eligible if the rental is used in the “Driving Trip after Flight” example below. All other rental car purchases will be covered by the Diamond Club member.

  • Rental Car Reimbursement Requirements: A rental car is only eligible for reimbursement in a driving after flight trip. You must first fly into an area in which you have a qualified team member who places a 100pv LRP order and hold an event. You are then eligible to rent a car to drive at least 50 miles from where you flew in to where you have another qualified team member in the area and hold another event. Rental cars are not eligible for reimbursement if you fly into an area and rent a car to drive around in that area. An example of an eligible rental reimbursement is below.
  • Qualified Rental: There are two steps you must complete to qualify for a rental car: Step 1: You must fly to an out-of-area location and hold a qualified Diamond Club event in the immediate area. You must also have a Wellness Advocate who resides in this immediate area who has processed a minimum single 100PV LRP order during the month you travel. An example would be if you fly into Denver, CO, and hold an event. In Denver, you must have a Wellness Advocate who resides in Denver and has processed a single minimum 100PV LRP order during the month you traveled. Step 2: Rent a car and travel at least 50 miles from the location. There, you must hold another qualified Diamond Club event and have someone who resides in the immediate area of the event location and who has processed the single minimum 100PV LRP order for the month. Using the same example from step 1, rent a car and travel to Fountain, CO (84.5 miles), and hold a qualified Diamond Club event and also have a Wellness Advocate who resides immediately in Fountain and has processed a 100PV LRP order during the month you traveled there.
  • ATTENTION! You will not be reimbursed for using a rental car from your home location to any destination for any trip. It must be used in the examples above to qualify for reimbursement.

Reimbursement Requests

  • Reimbursements will be paid each month with your monthly primary bonus commissions. It is paid out as one check or direct deposit and not separately.
  • Completely fill out the reimbursement form by midnight MST, on the 2nd of each month.
  • A max of 6 out of area trips can be submitted each month.
  • If you opt out of DC or do not meet the requirements to continue with the program you will be reimbursed for the months you participated in. However, dōTERRA will not continue to reimburse your travel for the following months and you will not be able to offer the Diamond Club enrollment promotions.